Elementor #346

Enterprise Agile Coach

About Melvyn

Melvyn Bulkes is a seasoned Enterprise Agile expert who has created positive and lasting change across organisations, corporations and enterprises worldwide. He’s a tried-and-tested professional who spurs company-wide change in a dynamic fashion.

As Agile experts know, lasting change in a new direction requires preparation and priming. So when Melvyn primes clients for shifts and adjustments (big or small), he’s interested in inspiring confidence and trust. He has years of corporate change-making experiences, and this informs all of his deliverables and outcomes.

Melvyn guides individuals and groups through key change concepts. This includes matters like operational adjustments, enterprise impact, people issues and day-to-day at work. He assists Executives, Managers and Directors as they grow into new roles, and models positive leadership traits, encouraging leaders to be their best.

With his support, enterprises embark on rewarding work, with a framework that helps set the pace. Clients gain new commercial insights, and a better sense of the strength in their existing offerings and capabilities. Melvyn is familiar with all the pro’s and con’s of the corporate world, particularly in roles that require effective management, leadership and direction. He’s able to be entrusted with urgent, sensitive or unique needs.

Melvyn has taken a path that needs interpersonal excellence. His confidence inspires success, and his ability to make the complex, comprehensible, is now a kind of trademark! He’s worked with many reputable and well-known clients, some include: Nationwide, Sony Play Station, IBM, Oxford University Press, Skanska, Vocalink Master Card, BT, Gazprom, Accenture and Yorkshire Water.